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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Day Two

Well, I'm actually a day behind, but I have a good excuse! My power was out pretty much all day yesterday until 10 p.m. The awesome Crock-Pot dinner was ruined, my 21 Day Challenge was ruined, and I was even going to start to decoupage....just kidding about the decoupage part! ;) BUT, I did start an awesome Yoga class yesterday!! Thank you, Gina! It's called Yoga for Teachers and it was so nice and relaxing...I even fell asleep for about 10 minutes! What a difference 10 minutes of snooze time makes!

Anyway, Day Two challenge was to organize & clean up the computer desk (top only!). Most of the junk that was on there didn't belong, so I put it in the proper place. It didn't even take ten minutes to finish! That was an easy one!



Wow! It's amazing what a little Glass Plus can do for ya! ;)

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